How We Work                                             


Skilled & Trustworthy Staff

We only employ skilled and experienced professionals to deliver ICT services to our customers.


Our staff are committed to ensuring that our core business values are upheld in every aspect of our day to day contact with customers.


All our employees are subject to regular enhanced Criminal Records Bureau checks and have many years of experience working in educational environments.


We understand and respect customer confidentiality and we will always operate within legal and ethical frameworks and relevant legislation.


Our staff are committed to continuous professional development and have an active interest in the field of ICT.


We aim to keep pace with changes in technology and use that knowledge to benefit our customers in delivering improved quality and efficiency through technical innovation.


Reliability & Open Communication

We work to clearly defined timescales and agreed priorities, we make every effort to keep our promises and meet agreed expectations.


In exceptional circumstances, it may not be possible to deliver agreed outcomes, in the event of such occurrences, we will ensure that we communicate this at the earliest possible opportunity.


We will undertake all reasonable measures to resolve any issues within the bounds of our Service Level Agreements and ensure genuine customer satisfaction.


We provide clear and unambiguous information on our performance and we evidence the work we do through regular summary reports. We actively seek feedback through customer review.


We will never undertake tasks in which we feel that our staff do not have the appropriate skills and\or qualifications (e.g. electrical installations). We will always be able to assist in sourcing appropriate suppliers.


Flexible & Customer Focused Delivery

We adopt a ‘can do’ approach in the provision of the ICT services we provide and will undertake any reasonable requests for ICT support. This allows our customers the freedom to decide how best to utilise our services within the purchased timeframes


When faced with conflicting priorities we will always provide our professional recommendations upon the best course of action. The final decision on priority remains with the customer.


We will offer support for any new hardware or software purchased by the customer regardless if it has been bought on our recommendation or not.


We respect the boundaries of any existing agreements which our customers may hold with other agencies contracted to provide ICT services or support. We will work alongside third parties openly and honestly to get the best outcome for our customer.

Independent & Unbiased Perspective

We operate as an independent organisation and we are not affiliated to any supplier of ICT hardware, software or services. In making our recommendations for purchasing we will consider the total cost of ownership for all assets including the likely support implications.


We act on behalf of, and in the best interests of our customers in dealing with 3rd party suppliers or service providers. We are happy to liaise with and work alongside external agencies, contractors and customer employees in order to get the job done.


We use our experience and expertise to make clear unbiased recommendations on how best to achieve customer requirements. The customer will always be free to accept, reject or further question any advice or information that we provide without prejudice.


We do not undertake procurement on behalf of customers; however we will negotiate, support and liaise with suppliers with permission from the customer upon request.